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17.900 kr.

Tansun Time Lag Switch for Infrared Heaters

The Tansun time lag switch is ideal for saving energy and gaining control of exterior heaters. They are fully IP66 rated and will turn on the heater for a pre-determined period of time from 2 to 20 minutes.

  • Ideal for energy saving control of exterior heaters and exterior lighting. Also suitable for damp areas indoors
  • Pressing the touch sensitive area brings the connected load on. The load is then switched off automatically after the time lag has elapsed
  • Illuminated touch area for easy location in the dark
  • Tough, hard wearing, IP66 rated polycarbonate moulding

Ideal for:Smoking shelters, bars, restaurants and anywhere that requires controlled heat and lighting.

TANSUN – Fjarstýring fyrir allt að 6 hitara

8.900 kr.

TANSUN – Fjarstýring fyrir allt að 6 hitara

The Tansun 6 Channel remote will allow six individual heaters/zones to be variably controlled.
The remote can be configured to the receivers at the touch of a button, which makes it the most user friendly controller heating system on the market.