Til afgreiðslu í lok september – Eldstæði – Landmann Redford

49.900 kr.

Nr. 04462 – Eldstæði Redford frá Landmann

Stærð: B66 x D56 x H105 cm

Outdoor Fireplace:  Elevate your backyard or front porch with The Redford, a large and elegant wood-burning fireplace.360 Views:  The Redford features great 360 views of the fire while also providing you and your guests with radiant heat from every seat in the vicinity.

High Capacity Chimney:  Redford’s high capacity chimney channels the smoke up and away while allowing the air to circulate in a controlled environment.  For you, this means you and your guests are treated with more heat from the fire, than smoke.

Contain the Sparks:  Redford comes equipped with a tall heavy-duty mesh screen, double doors, and locking latch so you can enjoy your fire without worrying about uncontrollable embers flying where you don’t want them.

Easy Clean-Up:  When the fire dies down and it’s time to clean up, Redford has a large removable fire pan with handles.  Just pull it out, dump it, and you’re done!

Wide and Sturdy Base:  The Redford has four wide and sturdy steel legs that provide a durable base that won’t tip over easily.

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