TANSUN Innrauður geislahitari með fjarstýringu 2.4 KW Instant Heat Ultra Low Glare

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TANSUN – HAVANA Ultra Low Glare 2.4 KW með fjarstýringu – Litur dökkur

Frábær fjarstýrður 2,4 KW Innrauður geislahitari frá Tansun

HAVANA – Super-powered Short Wave Ultra Low Glare quartz infrared heater

  • Lamp runs at 2200°C
  • Instantaneous heat as soon as switched on
  • Temperature Control and Timer Functions
  • Heating area up to 18 square meters
  • Warms people & objects directly
  • 92% of energy is emitted as heat, with only 8% heating the space
  • High intensity heat, that works like the sunshine
  • Weatherproof for Outdoor Areas
  • Length: 83,3 cm
  • Weight: 4,0 Kg


    The Tansun Havana high-powered heater offers superior heat performance together with a stylish sleek design. The heater combines a robust powder-coated body together with a high-grade stainless steel front offering a modern slim line appearance. 

    The heater comes with remote control and has multiple variable heater settings to ensure you can find the right balance for whatever situation you need to deal with. Also, the built-in timer function will allow you to set a pre-determined time for the heaters to be active in any domestic or commercial environment.



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