TANSUN Innrauður geislahitari með fjarstýringu 2.4 KW Ultra Low Glare

109.900 kr.

TANSUN – HAVANA Ultra Low Glare 2.4 KW með fjarstýringu

Frábær fjarstýrður 2,4 KW Innrauður geislahitari frá Tansun
HAVANA – Super-powered Short Wave Ultra Low Glare quartz infrared heater

Short Wave Infrared works like this

  • Lamp runs at 2200°C
  • Instantaneous heat as soon as switched on
  • Warms people & objects directly
  • 92% of energy is emitted as heat, with only 8% heating the space
  • High intensity heat, that works like the sunshine
  • Perfect for outdoor areas
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