Reyksnigill úr ryðfríu stáli fyrir kaldreykingu

4.990 kr.

Nr. A-100 – Reyksnigill úr ryðfríu stáli
Brennslutími allt að 7 tímum

* made of 304 stainless steel Can be used repeatedly, will not rust is more solid more durable than ordinary iron.
* Add different kinds of Wood Chips (apple, pecan, hickory, mesquite, oak, cherry or different species of fruit trees).
* This Cold Smoke Generator provides smoky flavor to your smoked meat, cheese, pork, fish, turkey, ribs and more.
* Can be used in Smokers and most all BBQ’s  provided they have a lid
* Light the wood sawdust with blowtorch and smoking wood can dust bring about for 7 hours of smoke.
* Add wood chips to be thoroughly dried, excessive moisture will make COLD SMOKER not ignite continuously