Glæsilegur efnismikill Pizzaofn

39.900 kr.

Nr. AU-21TPO – 21″ Pizzaofn fyrir kol
Pizzasteinn og kolahaldari fylgja.

Stærð ofns : Ø 53,3 cm = 21″
Stærð ofns: 35 x 15 cm
Eldunarflötur: Ø 46,7 cm = 18,4″
Stærð: 70,5 x 55,1 x 36,6 cm
Þyngd: 27 Kg

Ceramic Pizza Oven Features

Thick Ceramic wall hold in heat. Make sure the pizza oven keep insistent high temperature for cooking.And the ceramic pore can lock in flavor.

Less time on the ceramic commercial pizza oven. You just need wait 10 minutes, the pizza oven has already for cooking.

Best material make sure the quality of component. We use the strongest metal on our hinge, bands, cart and hardware throughout our pizza ovens. This provides strength, stability and longevity.


Ceramic Pizza Oven advantages

Saving energy: The grill use charcoal as fuel, the unconsumed charcoal can be reused.

Complete control: Spinning the top vent to let air in and out, and control the fire.

Easily cleaned: The ash will dropped down from the charcoal grate. You can clean it from the bottom damper.

Light quickly&easily: You  will be ready to the oven in 10 minutes. The same time takes too long for gas grill. Tick Tock!!!


How to operate your Ceramic Pizza Oven?

a. Light your ceramic commercial pizza oven Put plenty of charcoal inside the oven, using flamethrower or match light the charcoal. You just need to wait 10 minutes.

b. Prepare your food Settle your pizza oven. Put ingredient what you need on the oven, sprinkle with seasoning.

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