Grillteinn fyrir Kansas 4

22.900 kr.

Nr. 7976 – Grillteinn fyrir Kansas 4, má einnig nota fyrir Kansas 3
Tveir mótorar fylgja, einn fyrir rarmagn (230 V / 4 W / 50 Hz) og einn fyrir rafhlöður.
Lengd: 95 cm
Þyngd: 2,6 kg
Hámarksþyngd á tein: 5 kg

Spit for gas grill Kansas 4 The Enders grill skewer is ideal for grilling roasts, poultry and sirloin.
The meat is cooked evenly, has a nice color and is particularly crispy.
The Enders grill skewer set consists of an electric motor (230 V / 4 W / 50 Hz) and battery-operated motor (batteries not included),
as well as the rotisserie including holder and two meat clips.

Total length of the skewer with handle: about 95 cm
Weight: approx. 2.6 kg net Maximum additional weight 5 kg.

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