Gaskynnt eldstæði með LED lýsingu

29.900 kr.

Nr. 560430 – Gaskynnt eldstæði með LED lýsingu

Operating mode: propane / butane gas
Total output kW: 2.5
Ignition: Piezo
Burner technology:
Eco burner
Integrated tilt protection: yes
Reflector: Mirror
Body material: lacquered Material
Ambient light: floor LED ambient light:
Height cm: 88

Decorative flames guarantee an atmospheric ambience Unique ambient lighting in the top and bottom can be switched on individually and set a highlight on your terrace reflective reflector & flame form a harmonious unit Fireproof glass cylinder protects the flame from the effects of the wind Flame height is infinitely adjustable optimally protected operating elements within the housing thermoelectric ignition protection and overturning protection for optimal safety compact design for easy relocation Immediately ready for use – 100% pre-assembled extra long burning time (44-111 hours / 8kg) thanks to ECO burner The 5/8 kg gas cylinder can remain in the container during operation

Síminn Pay Léttkaup
(m.v. mán)


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