Gashitari – POLO 2,0

49.900 kr.

Nr. 546033 – Gashitari – POLO 2,0

Afl: 6 KW
Hæð: 115 cm
Breidd: Ø 38 cm
Stillanlegur spegill til að beina hitanum í eina átt.
Yfirbreiðsla fáanleg Nr. 5676

Enders patio heater Cosypolo 2.0 – stainless steel Small but powerful – there is fire in this small box
Although the Enders Polo 2.0 stainless steel gas radiant heater „only“ measures 1.15 meters, it can easily keep up with the heat output of other Enders products.
This compact, elegant looking and powerful gas heater carries the heat where it belongs: under the canopy or awning and creates cozy warmth without any risk.
The 11 kg gas bottle can easily be stowed in the body of the little one.
The Polo is equipped with an integrated windbreak, which shields the burner from incoming wind if necessary.
This allows the heat to be emitted in a specific direction.
Powerful design The completely revised design makes the „Polo 2.0“ extremely compact and powerful.
In particular, the reflector, which isolates from the outside, means that the radiant heat is directed towards the inside. And the radiant heat arrives where it is required.

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