Væntanlegt ca 27. maí 2022 – Ferðagrill og gashella 4,4 KW Explorer Next með fótum

44.900 kr.

Nr. 210330 – Fjölnota ferðagasgrill 4,4 KW Explorer Next með fótum

Afl: 4,4 KW
Stærð grillflatar: 48 x 32 cm
Stærð með fótum: B 59 x D 47 x H 76 cm
Stærð án fóta: B 48 x D 42 x H 23 cm
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Taska fáanleg Nr. 2101

As multifunctional as a Swiss army knife, the Explorer is the ideal gas barbecue for when you’re out and about: it will bake your bread rolls in the morning, cook your soup at lunchtime, and barbecue a perfect steak for you in the evening. Designed with state-of-art barbecue technology, it combines the multifaceted benefits of a gas barbecue with the flexibility of a compact barbecue.