Enders eFlow Pro 3 KW rafmagnsgrill með Turbo Zone ofurbrennara

119.900 kr.

Nr. 9710 – Enders eFlow Pro 2 Turbo 3000 watta rafmagnsgrill

Rafmagnsgrill með hita gasgrills. Mjög aflmikið grill með TURBO ZONE™ þar sem þú getur stillt öll 3.000 wöttin á helming grillflatarins til að fá mikinn hita.

Grillgrindur úr pottjárni
Grillflötur: 50 x 39 cm
Stærð með hliðarborð uppi: B 112,5 x T 57 x H 111,5 cm
Stærð með hliðarborð niðri: B 76 x T 57 x H 111,5 cm
Vinnuhæð: 89 cm
Lengd rafleiðslu: 180 cm
Þyngd: 36,5 kg
Amper: 12,5
Yfirbreiðsla fáanleg Nr. 5691
Grillteinn með mótor verður fáanlegur fljótlega Nr. 7905

TURBO ZONE™ (3 kW): at the push of a button, extra high temperatures for searing at turbo speed
SIMPLE CLEAN™: easy cleaning thanks to the individual parts of the combustion chamber that can be removed without tools
SWITCH GRID™: Enamelled cast iron grid with a variety of grilling options
2 foldable side shelves for space-saving storage

Full of electricity – The gas grill among the electric ones. Full of power: the eFLOW® PRO 2 TURBO.
It is the first of its kind and is packed with innovative features to the brim.
Our electric grill doesn’t just run on the back burner, but gives you the full load straight away:
TURBO ZONE™ and SWITCH GRID™. Simply everything that makes your BBQ heart beat faster and hotter.
Speaking of which: the two heating elements are infinitely adjustable using LED-illuminated controls and allow you to grill and bake directly or indirectly.
Whatever you’re planning – with almost 2,000 cm² of grilling surface you have more than enough space for it. And that alone on top, because in the base cabinet you will find more storage space and an additional shelf. Inside hui, outside also uiuiui:
Elements made of cast aluminum, such as parts of the cooking hood and the combustion chamber, not only give the eFLOW® a fascinating look, but also ensure enormous stability. Legitimate question: Do you want more watts?


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