Væntanlegt vor 2024 – Reyklaust* eldstæði Ø52,5cm

39.900 kr.

Nr. 00882
Frábært reyklaust* eldstæði (minni gerð)
Eldstæðið er hannað þannig að reykur og lykt eru í lágmarki.
Ummál: Ø 52,5 cm
Hæð: Ø 57 cm

ALMOST SMOKE FREE: for a campfire atmosphere without burning eyes, smoky clothes or unpleasant smells.
DOUBLE WALL CONSTRUCTION: Air is heated in the space between and flows into the fireplace from the side and over the top
WITH 360° AIR CIRCULATION: The special construction ensures reduced smoke development and longer burning time
SPECIAL FLAMES: the powder-coated steel fire basket fascinates with a unique flame effect
INCLUDING BARBECUE HOOK & 3 STABLE FEET: for adding firewood or coal, and for a secure footing
*Almost no smoke

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