We have been burning for the perfect outdoor experience for more than 130 years. We are optimisers and yes, gourmets as well, who develop the best possible BBQ products with our hearts and our minds. Always looking for new solutions – also when it comes to camping and patio heaters. We are far from satisfied.

Today, our products are sure to impress with ingenious functions, the highest safety standards, high-quality materials and perfect workmanship – but you can always go one step further. We are constantly improving our products with brilliant ideas, innovations and practical details. One of these ‘grillovations’ is SIMPLE CLEAN. Thanks to this new cleaning system, we were able to convince even the most die-hard charcoal barbecue fans that their gas counterparts might be worth considering.
This is how it should be and how it should stay: that’s why each and every Enders barbecue goes through a strict testing process during development at our Werdohl site. With us, there’s no chance of being left unsatisfied.
Paired with excellent design, this quality requirement strengthens our perception of our brand as a premium manufacturer. But we never forget our roots: Enders gas barbecues, patio heaters and camping accessories also stand for the outdoor lifestyle. Because it was nature that first taught us how to win you over.